Monday, April 25, 2011

First Easter Eggs Hunt

Last saturday is my first time ever in my life to do a egg hunting with my 2 boys i was so happy i enjoy alot i feel im a kid too and we play catching egg my freind catch the egg and it break straight to her hair and neck its  so funny coz she just take shower lol,and after that we went to the pool with kids and at night we watch baseball game with my husband is another to do alot of thing.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Learning English

Hi im josephine Rivera , i am proud to be army wife and mom of  my 3 gorgeous and cuties kids sister told me to  do this blog im shy beacause im not smart im not good in english my husband keep telling use english insted of tagalog which thats my first language,i feel so embarrassed everytime i update my status in english so i listen to my husband and to my sister to do this blog  and always use english in facebook,so if my grammar is wrong or my spelling please correct me i will apperciate everything thank you! have a good weekend everyone .